Why Grade Twelve English Should Be a Requirement for all University Courses

Hello, surfers of the Internet!  Have you ever wondered why Grade 12 University Level English is a requirement for so many university courses?  It may seem unrelated in many fields, such as in engineering and in mathematics, but the skills learned in English are essential in almost everywhere, no matter what your interests are!  Today, I will be talking a little bit about how.

Learning how to analyze material in a manner such as explored in English classes is a valuable skill, and it is not taught in any other course.  Universities value this greatly, as evidenced by the fact that two of the top-ranked schools in Canada, McGill in Montréal,

McGill Arts Building, in Montréal

and U of T in Toronto, require 4U English for nearly all of their programs.  For instance,

University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Toronto


in engineering, writing up a report is a necessary skill.  Without some of the vital skills that one learns in English through doing things like writing an essay, writing things like these reports would be much more difficult, with the final product being of a much lower quality.  With these top two universities, one of which I hope to attend, valuing English so much, I want to do my best in the class, to learn the valuable skills it offers, and take this with me to university.

English class also provides an ideal environment for learning both teamwork and individual work.  For example, when I was making my director’s notebook in grade 11, I was working with 5 or 6 people, all with different skills, abilities and comfort levels.  It was only through working together that we were able to get the project complete, and with the highest level of quality.

Teamwork is a vital skill, exercised in English

As for working alone, grade 11 English also helped me to do this, and to do it well.  Managing the time required to produce lengthy literature analyses was difficult, but it helped me in my second semester, where I had two science courses and a math, and I know that it will continue to be of use to me in the future.  Time management and teamwork skills are essential in university, since, for many, it is their first time on their own, and they must manage their time well, to avoid slipping behind.  This further adds to the value grade 12 English courses have to universities.

Finally, English is communication.  Communicating is one of the most important things we do as human beings, and this is quintessential in school, in the workplace, and in life.  I love to talk to my teachers.  It’s the best way to express my thoughts and ideas, whether it be in writing, through analyses and essays, or verbally, through debates and discussions.  If you can’t communicate well with your professors in universities, you aren’t going to do as well as if you could.

All in all, folks, remember that English courses should be required for university courses because they provide many, many valuable skills that are applicable in university and beyond, no matter what field you are in.  That’s it for now! Peace!


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