Serial: Season One: Final Thoughts

Hello all, and welcome back to the good ol’ blog. I believe that this will be my last post, so I’ll try to make it a good one!

In this post, I’m going back to discussing the podcast Serial, and my final thoughts as to Adnan Syed’s guilt or innocence. I finished the first season with Episode 12: What We Know, which you guys can find here.

I’ll admit, at first, I thought Adnan Syed was guilty. After all, he’s been tried in a court of law, and found guilty. If the court system is throwing innocent people in jail, especially on a charge as significant as this, can we trust it? I feel that the answer is no. If we begin to doubt the justice system, the world begins to fall apart, dissolving into corruption and conspiracy, whether actual or merely perceived. For this reason, I, and I believe most people, put their faith in the court system, and trust the outcomes of its processes.

The court system (Russia Now).

Sarah Koenig, the narrator of this podcast changed my thoughts a little bit. She pointed out that much of the evidence used to convict Syed is very unreliable and circumstantial. No one knows if Syed made the call, or if Jay Wilds did, or if it was someone else! Someone could know who made the call, and could be lying, or not telling anyone at all. It’s a mess, and I don’t think that the cell phone records are reliable. Also, the other outstanding piece of evidence is the testimony of Jay Wilds. HIs story changed, and some of the information he provided was proved false. There are several alibis, all for different people. To put it in the word’s of Koenig, the case is a mess (Serial “What We Know”). It’s incredible to think that the case and verdict took as little time as they did, when it appears that the case should have dragged out for months, even years.

There is also the issue of Asia McClain.  She provided Syed with a very clear alibi, stating that he was at the library at the time of the murder, with her, chatting.  McClain even went so far as to provide a signed affidavit affirming her statement.  For no particular reason, this was never explored in court, not even mentioned.  Furthermore, Asian McClain was never even contacted by Syed’s lawyer, Cristina Gutierrez.

A picture of Asia McClain (Khan)

Speaking of Gutierrez, that’s a mystery in and of itself.  She did not explore many possibilities and pieces of evidence that may have resulted in Adnan Syed being found guilty.  Strange thing for a defense attorney to do to her client.  Some, including Koenig, have speculated that Gutierrez may have planned to appeal the case, and then win there, allowing her to charge the Syed more money.  Before this could happen, an investigation occured and Gutierrez was disbarred for overcharging her clients.  In the years since, Gutierrez has died, forever leaving these questions unanswered (Serial “The Alibi”) .  I must ask, though, is it possible that Syed’s lawyer could have blown the case in an effort to make more money in the appeal.  Would a lawyer be able to send someone who they are supposed to protect to prison for more money?


US Currency is seen in this January 30,
Money, money, money (Tight Lines).


There is also the issue of another criminal.  According to Episode 12 of Serial, the Innocence Project found that a criminal was released around the same time that Hae Min Lee was killed, and that he was known to have killed in a similar way to the way Lee was found.  DNA testing was being performed at the time of the episode airing, and I was not able to find the results.


Something has happened, that also helped change my mind.  Syed and his lawyer have come forward and asked for a new trial, thanks to the evidence uncovered by Sarah Koenig and the Serial podcast (Anderson).  The court has not yet decided on whether or not to grant the motion, but it has been delayed for a considerable length of time, meaning that there is serious consideration going on about the case and its verdict.  This influences my opinion and thoughts the greatest, pushing me to believing in Syed’s innocence more and more.  If a court is taking over a year to reach a decision on whether or not to give Syed a new trial, I begin to question the original verdict (Fenton).


New trial for Syed (Fraser)?


All facts taken into account, I feel that Adnan Syed is innocent.  There are too many inconsistencies and an appalling lack of solid evidence involved in this case.  The details and facts of this case are so few and far in between that I don’t think Syed’s case should ever have been brought to trial.  I understand that the prosecution probably wanted to solve a murder, and to bring closure to a grieving family, but at the cost of a young man’s freedom?  The court is supposed to find a defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and I don’t think that the jury was really able to do this with the case, as I can’t.  I can’t even imagine being able to, when imagining just the facts that were available at the time of the trial…

I believe that Sarah Koenig and the entire team of Serial has done some excellent investigative journalism, and uncovered interesting issues and details of the case.  They have brought the attention of the world onto an old case in Maryland, and this may result in the exoneration of an innocent man.  It will be interesting to see what the ultimate outcome of the case will be, and I will definitely be waiting to hear it.


Serial (Cresswell)


That’s all for now!  A huge thank you to all my readers, for doing just that, reading.  Alec Gilvesy, signing off.

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